Drifting of print in 3D printers and RepRaps

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Here are the some of the most common reasaon why 3D Prints are drifting

  • MOTOR BELT OR PULLEY: First thing you need to check is motor pulley. it may be slipping from time to time. You could mark your motor axis and your pulley so it’s easier to identify a slipping pulley.
  • LOSE BELT: Make sure the belt is not too lose, so it slips.
  • ENDSTOPS/LIMIT SWITCH FAULTY: Does the limit switchs are hit during print. Is any of the end stops is closed (or triggerd position). For example: If the drift occurs along +ve direction of X It might be because of Limit Switches, if your x axis limit switch wiring is cut off, the drift may occur because the printer assumes the zero is reached when going to negative direction so it won’t go beyond -ve direction during printing
  • TOO MUCH CURRENT TO MOTORS: Motors will start malfunction when the current is very high. Current to stepper motor can be tuned via trim pot on the stepstick.

High current causes motor to produce - humming sound or vibrate or very high temprature.

There will be minimal heat (max upto 80C) depending on workload, it is recommened to refer the datasheet of stepper motor.

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