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[Solved] Arduino not getting detected USB2.0-Serial issue

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There are two reasons why you Arduino Clone board is not working A fake FTDI chip is used in your device CH340G USB to serial chip is used your device instead of FTDI When fake FTDI chip used There reason is here because latest Windows driver for FTDI chip that stopped working with cloned FTDI chip, this turned all those fake FTDI chips are at risk of being bricked.

Drifting of print in 3D printers and RepRaps

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Here are the some of the most common reasaon why 3D Prints are drifting MOTOR BELT OR PULLEY: First thing you need to check is motor pulley. it may be slipping from time to time. You could mark your motor axis and your pulley so it’s easier to identify a slipping pulley. LOSE BELT: Make sure the belt is not too lose, so it slips. ENDSTOPS/LIMIT SWITCH FAULTY: Does the limit switchs are hit during print.

A List of Popular CAD/CAM Softwares

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This is list collection of most popular CAD software list, we will keep this list up to date by adding and removing the software we find and come across. 2D CAD Software Software Description LibreCAD (OSS) LibreCAD is a open source 2D CAD software, and is a nice alternate to AutoCAD QCAD (OSS) QCAD is another open source 2D CAD software DraftSight (Free) DraftSight basic version if free NanoCAD (Free) NanoCAD is complete 2D CAD Software 3D CAD Software Software Description FreeCAD (OSS) FreeCAD is a parametric 3D CAD Software and its our favorite.

List of DIY Open Source 3D Scanner Project

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Here is the list of the most popular open source DIY 3D Scanner project, choosing any one of this project you will be able to build a complete functional 3D Scanner at your own. Ciclop Ciclop is a Open Source DIY 3D scanner kit. This project has been developed under the RepRap community philosophy: machines that can be made using 3D printers. For this reason, most of the pieces included in the structure are 3D-printable and many of the vitamins are shared with other open designs such as the Prusa i3 Hephestos2.

Metal Film vs Carbon Film vs Wirewound Resistors

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Resistor, its a general term, but there are many types, not all are same and equal. In this article we try to explain you the difference between most used resistor type, and when and how to choose any one type. You can be hobbyist or professional, but selecting the right type of resistor is very critical for stability and performance, lets explain the types, characteristics and differences between the resistor types in simple laymen terms.

ABS 3D Printing Adhesion tips and tricks

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If you are trying to 3D print ABS, you may be face problem of 3d print adhesion to the print bed, ABS wont stick easily like PLA filament, In this article we will list solution to the ABS printing problem from different source. This tips are not just for ABS, it should apply to any high temperature filaments. 3D Printer Calibration Level the print bed : Need not to say thing, even for PLA you need to keep the print-bed levelled for good adhesion.

8 Top File Formats for sharing 3D and 2D CAD Designs

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Each software has its own file formats, but the every one uses different software due to many reason, like cost, feature, etc. You may want to share your 3D/2D CAD designs with your customer or friend which can be further modified or with a fab house for prototyping/manufacturing. In this case both your software and the recipient’s software should understand the file format. This is where Neutral File Formats comes into play, here we will discuss about the best native file formats to use.

A List of Popular CAM and CNC Control Software List

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This is list collection of most popular CAM software list, we will keep this list up to date by adding and removing the software we find and come across. CAM Software Name and URL Description Make The Cut Windows based software to convert SVGs and PDFs etc. FlatCAM Open Source PCB CAM Mesh CAM An low cost CAM Processor Dxf2Gcode Script for converting DXF files to Gcode Box Maker for Inkscape Extension for Inkscape to help you generate box cutting plans.

List of 3D Printing Software

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Here is the list of the most popular software for 3dprinters Name Purpose Repetier Host 3D Printer Controller Software MeshMixer 3D Model Editor Slic3r Slicer Cura Slicer KISSlicer Keep It Simple Slicer Marlin Firmware RepRapWeb Web Based 3D Printer Controller OctoPrint Web Based 3D Printer Controller Calculator Prusa Printers Setting Calculator for RepRap and 3D Printers Repetier Firmware Firmware Disclaimer: The sites and services listed in this pages is for information only, user has to do their own evaluation before dealing with any of the service provider listed here.

Heatbed Troubleshooting Guide for RepRap and 3DPrinter

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We will checkout the most common problems and solutions arising during usage of MK2A, MK2B and MK3 heatbed for 3D Printer and RepRap. In our experience 80% of the time software configuration will be the root cause. Even new replacement will behave in same way. We will walk you through most common problems with heatbeds and troubleshooting technicians are listed here, by following this you will be able to uncover the issue easily.